Thursday, October 14, 2010

10-14-10 Awesome "Music" Find of the Day!

Zed's Zombie Ranch on Etsy

Description: Continuing with my music theme for this week, this has proven to be a wonderful find!  Not only is this little heavy metal guy adorable, but he's perfect for Halloween!!

Click here to go to the artist's store
Zombie Skeleton with Guitar

Artists Description:

Each skeleton is made by hand from steel (1:9 scale), and stands approximately 8" tall if welded upright. Depending on the pose the final sculpture may be taller or shorter than 8". I cut the parts individually to allow for different posing options as I weld them together. The photograph is of the first one I made in that pose. If it has sold, I will make another in the same pose, but it may turn our slightly different. They are not finished with any paint or clear coat and if left outside, will eventually rust. But they look cool rusted too! Let me know if you are interested in a custom pose. Price is usually the same unless additional things need to be cut for it.

Check the store for more Zombie Metalwork & more great zombie tees!

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