Monday, October 18, 2010

BESTeam weekly feature: From Shirlee

From Shirlee on Etsy

Description: What a wonderful store to get as my first BESTeam feature!  The very first thing I noticed was the incredibly touching description explaining how this wonderful woman, Shirlee, handed down her art and talent to her daughter and granddaughters.  I knew after reading this that I was in a truly wonderful, inspirational, and traditional store and I could wait to see more!


The first thing that caught my eye was this wonderful Christmas countdown Magnet Board.  As a child in Germany, my family had a similar calendar that we used every year.  One thing I love about this item is it's not the traditional "red and green".  Instead, they use beautiful greens, mauves and neutral tones along with fantastic crafty patterns.  Honestly... I need one of these!
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Next, I found this wonderful and charming Amigurumi Turtle Family.  This wonderful turtle mother carries her three tiny turtle babies.  As a mother I remember when my little boy would climb all over me, and this remind me of those precious memories :O)
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Here is a wonderful piece of framed embroidery which is called "Bless You Friend". From the mouths of the artists;

"At times friends are the ones that make the world go round and we couldn't live without them. This framed primitive embroidery captures that emotion.

Heart to Heart, Friend to Friend, Bless you til we meet again."
How many of us have far away friends that we love?  This would be such a sweet and thoughtful gift to give to them.

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I hope you enjoyed this feature and will take a moment to visit this wonderful store, inspired by the love of this truly amazing and talented family.

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  1. I guess I missed the post telling us you did this feature on us. It is a wonderful feature that I am glad I found. Thank so much. Linda
    Domestic Goddess



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